Lincoln, NE

Community Crops

Community Crops was started with one community garden in 2003, and has grown over the years to become a successful organization. Crops now has 11 community garden sites, a training farm, a production greenhouse, garden and cooking education for all ages, a mobile farmers market and new storefront, and more.
Raymond, NE

Green School Farms

Green School Farms is a farm in Raymond, Nebraska growing diverse and wholesome produce and plant starts. Gary Fehr started Green School Farms in 2015 as a way to connect local, sustainably raised food to local schools and consumers. Gary's passion for growing food and caring for the land was ignited while shopping at farmers' markets years ago, and has evolved into a calling that centers around a deep respect for nature.
Martell, NE

Robinette Farms

Robinette Farms is a diversified farm in Martell, Nebraska, 15 minutes southwest of our capital city of Lincoln. They grow Certified Organic Micro Greens and Salad Greens and work with local farmers and local food businesses to provide weekly boxes of local food to our community! Their goal is to build a business that supports their family, reduces our negative impact on the environment, and educates our community about the food we eat and enjoy.
Lincoln, NE

Shadow Brook Farm

ShadowBrook is a 34 acre family owned farm located on the urban fringe of Lincoln. About 10 acres is devoted to specialty vegetable production and 12 acres in alfalfa to rotationally graze their goat herd. ShadowBrook Farm has been instrumental in moving towards a ‘regional food system’ in Nebraska, a system where food is sold directly to the consumer rather than traveling hundreds of miles to reach your plate. Charuth and Kevin continue to be active on the farm, but in the 2019 growing season, they invited a beginning farmer, Ian Richmond, to start managing ShadowBrook’s vegetable production and market stands.
Fremont, NE

Lu's Flowers & Vegetables

Family owned and operated farm. Growing fresh produce and fresh-cut flowers daily.
Firth, NE

Bright Hope Family Farm

Bright Hope Family Farm strives to provide produce & cut flowers grown with ecologically integrity our community using no-till farming practices. The farm is owned and operated by Lainey Johnson, with the help and support of her family. At their farm, they work hard to improve the soil and environment. Their passion dwells in farming for future generations.
Plymouth, NE


Katie Jantzen is the founder and farmer at West End Farm. West End Farm is a small, diversified family farm outside of Plymouth, NE. They raise vegetables, melons, herbs, berries, and honeybees. After time spent working and volunteering at vegetable farms in different states, Katie returned to Nebraska to start West End Farm. "Every day is an adventure on a farm, especially one in Nebraska with our challenging weather, and especially when raising 40+ different crops."


Common Good Farm is in their 25th season of growing good food (& plants) through good farming in Lancaster County, Nebraska! They’re a mom & pop diversified is grown from seed to harvest by Evrett Lunquist & Ruth Chantry. Their farm is located just 1.5 miles north of Raymond, Nebraska. Farming in Southeast Nebraska since 1996, they are a certified organic & certified Biodynamic®/Demeter farm – one of about 150 Demeter-certified Biodynamic farms in the United States. The farm produces certified organic pastured eggs, produce, and seedlings/transplants for sale, and 100% grass-fed/grazed beef and pastured pork